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 Federal student loans – Can online college students take advantage of these loans?

05 Apr 2014

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Many a times, we cannot pursue full time course due to job liabilities or any other reason. Thus, you are in a situation where you will have to pursue higher education through online courses. In such a situation, you may be worrying as to how you can pursue the cost of the education. However, you will be surprised to note that Federal student loans are available for distant learners as well. Thus, you will not pay for the online educational costs out of pocket or drain your bank account. You will have to fill out an online application form in order to get the federal student loans. Moreover, you will be able to get reasonable terms and interest rates for the loans. But again, you will also have to prove your financial hardship in order to qualify for the loan.

Laws regarding Online School Student Loans

You should note that prior to 2006, most of the students pursuing online courses were unable to qualify for federal aid. From 1992 onwards, there was a 50% rule enacted by Congress mandating that schools qualify as financial aid distributors. For this, they will have to offer over 50% of courses in traditional classrooms. However, in the year 2006, the law was overturned. At present, a large number of online schools offer federal student aid. In order to provide the students with federal aid, the schools must still meet certain requirements. However, at present, the percentage of online courses is of no value.

Check out schools offering Federal Student Loans

It should be noted here that not online schools offer the option of federal student loans. In order to know whether or not your school is able to distribute student loans, you will have to get in touch with the financial aid office of the school. Apart from this, you may also search for the Federal School Code of your educational institution on the federal financial aid website.

Different types of Federal Student Loans

Students pursuing online courses will be able to get different federal student loan options in order to pursue their course. Let’s take a look at some of the types of student loans available to the online students:
Stafford Loans: This is a federal loan option available to the students pursuing online courses. These loans can be of two types – subsidized and unsubsidized. In case of subsidized loans, the students will not be liable for paying any interest payments to the lender while they are pursuing the course. In case of unsubsidized loans, this option is not available. However, if required, the students can defer their loan payments unless they get a job. (more…)


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 Federal PLUS loans – What terms and conditions do they have?

05 Apr 2014

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As college education has become quite costly, many a times parents want to help their kids financially in pursuing it. Parents and guardians who have good credit score will be able to take out the Federal Parent PLUS loans in order to help their kids pursue higher education. The funds that are received from this loan can be used to pay for the tuition, school supplies and other expenses associated with the education of the kid. However, you should make sure that your kid exhausts all other scholarship and grant options before opting for a federal student loan.

If there are no other options left, then you and your child should apply for federal student loans. If parents are looking for Federal Parent PLUS loans, they will have to check out the US Department of Education’s Direct Loan program. For this, they will have to visit the financial aid office of the college. In order to get these loans, one needs to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It should be noted that this is an alternative loan option. The PLUS loans are known to offer low fixed rate and good repayment terms which makes the loan affordable for many people. If you are a graduate student, then you can even apply for Graduate PLUS loan to bear the expenses of books, supplies, tuition, housing expenses, etc.

Repayment options of Federal PLUS loans

If you take out a Federal PLUS loan, then you should also know the repayment options associated with this loan. Let’s take a look at them:
Standard repayment option: In this repayment option, you will be liable for paying a fixed amount every month based on the principal amount and the interest charged to you. The amount will not be anything less than $50 or the interest that has been accumulated.
Graduated repayment option: This is a repayment option which will allow you to come up with low monthly payments in the initial period of repayment and then the payment amount will increase with time unless the loan is paid off in full. The monthly payment will be based on the principal amount and the interest rate. However, it should be noted that the amount will never be less than the interest accumulated every month. (more…)


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 Key reasons to invest in Dubai properties

11 Jan 2014

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Financial News, Awesome Dubai Marina Day: Key reasons to invest in Dubai properties

Dubai is the popular state in United Arab Emirates. The living and working environment in Dubai is very nice and safe. This state is developing very fast in UAE. There are many numbers of occupations available in this popular city. The people in Dubai can have tax free earning facility that is another encouragement to them. All these benefits have increasing the number of humans migrating and settling in Dubai. It is the supreme tourism destination in the entire world because it has very nice places to visit and enjoy. So many numbers of people prefer to go to Dubai city to enjoy. That is why now this city has increasing population and the tourist staying places are increasing rapidly to give the accommodation facility to the visitors. As a result, the Dubai properties have increasing demand due to more number of visitors and growing population. These reasons bring the real estate business in Dubai to higher position.

The investors have a better opportunity to invest more amount of money in the Dubai properties and earn higher returning profits. The properties in Dubai for sale present that can be purchased by the persons can be used for both earning more money through investment and also for providing accommodations. The accommodation properties have more demand due to increasing tourists. The First Group is the leading real estate agency in Dubai to invest money in Dubai properties. (more…)


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 The NCR’s Acquisition Movement

18 Dec 2013

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Banking, Mobile Checkout NCR: The NCR’s Acquisition Movement

Nowadays, there are many banks which open online banking service to facilitate any customer especially for some busy customers who don’t enough time to go to the bank. One of the banks that are starting to use online banking service is NCR. NCR decides to buyout online and mobile banking provider, Digital Insight for 1,65 billion $. Although it is cost very much, NCR believes that the online banking solution can become a great solution to help their customer to access any NCR banking service anytime and at any place. For this reason, we can say that NCR has done a great movement by taking the Digital Insight Online banking solution.

Digital Insight is an online banking solution provider which holds many customers such as 1000 financial institutions, 12 million banking users, and 5 million mobile users. For this reason, NCR can attract many customers to use their service since there is already NCR banking service that can help NCR’s customers while they are doing banking transaction. In addition to the Digital Insight, NCR also decides to buyout one of the banking provider, Alaric system. The Alaric system is a provider that provides secure baking transaction which is located in London. (more…)


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 Get Free Coupon in Here

02 Dec 2013

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Financial News, Coupon Divvy: Get Free Coupon in Here

Shopping can be more interesting. Unfortunately, this habit can be so wasting money. If you love shopping, you can waste so much money in a short time. It can be so harmful. Actually shopping is not always expensive. It can be cheaper too. But you need to know about the right solution. When you are going to shop, take the discounted product can save more money. But there is another question. How to get discounted products? If you need it so much, you can begin it by finding a coupon.

Coupon is the good solution for you. In this time, find a coupon can be easier too. You can find it online. By visiting the specific site, you can get a great collection of online coupon. Are you looking for livingsocial coupon? If you want it, you can find it in here. The offers are also varied. There is discount for daily deals, discount for escapes package and many more. Beside it, you can find the other coupon from the other stores too. Even there is snapfish coupon too. In this time, the coupon offers you about site wide discount and 150 free 4/6 print. But you need to take this chance soon. These offers will not last forever. (more…)


 Kmart, One Of The Retailers Which Open In 41 Hours

12 Nov 2013

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Financial News, Kmart Store: Kmart, One Of The Retailers Which Open In 41 Hours

Thanksgiving is a moment that is waited by some people especially for those who live at United States. It is a national holidays that is celebrated by American and Canadian. This holiday is often come on fourth Thursday of November for the American and the second Monday of October as for the Canadian. This is a big moment for most of the American. It is a day to give thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding years. This celebrations is identic to the having dinner with family or close friend by consuming turkey. Apart of turkey, this holiday is also identic to pumpkin since it can reflect the farmer’s harvest.

Thanksgiving is always considered by some people as the longest weekend holiday. It starts on the Thursday as the beginning of the holiday. In the following day, this is also a holiday which some American called as a Black Friday. This is the day after celebrating the thanksgiving. That is why the thanksgiving is a moment that waiting for by some of American people since they get along weekend holiday. Furthermore, if you are an employee in a company, thanksgiving holiday is the moment when you will get a long weekend holiday but you still get your salary. (more…)


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